The list that follows will be a list of my clients. Old ones and new ones will be added as time goes on.

They are linked to their web site so visit them with a click of your mouse.

U S Home Corporation

McGinty Conveyors

Melaun Industries

Delta Faucet

SOLO grip

Humphrey Printing

Saturday Evening Post

Southern Indiana Millworks



Streetwise Promotions

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Resource head
This photograph was made for the Indianapolis 500 program cover and poster series in 1982. As always Sinar cameras are used and this was on 8x10 Ektachrome. The lens was 480mm at f90. The bellows extension was about 5 feet all of which was necessary to maintain a flat field for the image
The Egg was a demonstration for Universal Flavors to get the assignment of photographing egg nog. Sinar camera, 480mm lens, 8x10 film.
This photograph was made 1n 1984 for a company brochure. It became the cover for the company, a manufacturer of lights for fork lift type vehicles. There was only technique at the time. There were many exposures made on a single piece of 4x5 Ektachrome. And there was three films made for bracketing purposes.
This knife was exposed on 8x10 Ektachrome and is a good demonstration of the control that you must have when photographing highly reflective objects
The Sinar System has been my main camera system since 1969
The Portland Headlight, Portland, Main.
This was a series of photographs made of the grandchildren of Keith Wilson, a good friend and client. Kodak featured one the photographs from this series at Epcot Center in 1984. It was a demonstration of family values and the technique of high key photography
Catalog cover for

McGinty Conveyors, A local company specializing in material handling solutions

The board room, Arvin Industries

Southern Indiana Millwork made the table, panelling and other items, this table was from Cherry

Rodger Ward's Leader Card Special
This board room table was also done for Southern Indiana Millwork.
This artistic table top was set up by and photographed for Sondra Shafer. It was a series of life style images for an apartment advertising campaign
Plant interiors for Melaun Industries, brochure. The company does metal stamp and silk screen for the major appliance manufacturers such as Kenmore, Whirlpool, etc.
A McGinty New Generation Conveyor in plant photograph with background change