William Tobias

William Tobias is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana and self-taught in the field of photography. Since the age of 15 he began developing his creative talents in photography by working on the school yearbook, then on to portrait and wedding photography forming his own unique style. Learning more in the field of electrical engineering while in the U.S. Marines and attending Purdue University in Indianapolis, he applied that knowledge to enhance his skilled techniques with the various camera equipment.

During his active career, he has served as President of the Professional Photographers of Indiana and the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild, a featured speaker at the Professional Photographers of America’s National Convention. He has been honored by Eastman Kodak Company at Epcot Center in Orlando and is in the International Photographic Arts and Science Foundations "Hall of Fame". He has had numerous covers on national magazines. Has produced five "Indianapolis 500" program covers and has a photograph the "500" still uses to advertise their museum. He has had the privilege of photographing a variety of legendary personalities such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, F. Lee Bailey and many famous entertainers and entrepreneurs.

While living in Palm Beach Florida he expanded his horizons to apply his creative talents to motion picture production. He produced and directed film productions for James Billie, chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, helped produce and edit the Andrew Lloyd Webber concert of the "Palm Beach Pops", an infomercial for the Ocean Club Jupiter, and helped develop the young adult "Our Future Generation" talk show still being presented on WPTV 5 in Palm Beach. He is currently scheduled to produce two feature films in Florida.

Now William is back in his home state of Indiana where he continues in his areas of expertise. He is now doing his photography by electronic imaging as well as conventional film methods. He remains a cinematographer, director and editor. He is also proficient as a commercial artist, applying his computer skills to design and enhancement of commercial products.

William is available for consulting, teaching and leading seminars and workshops.